Galaxy Fold gives foldable phones a black eye – Video


Been a rough few days for Samsung.
Instead of basking in the glow of adoration for the Galaxy Fold the company’s had to address reports the device is breaking.
Glitches everywhere.
One reviewer peeled off the protective screen on the unit and then, Turns out that makes it unusable.>> Yeah, it’s a protective screen.
It protects it from breaking.
I don’t understand what the big deal is about this.>> Well, keep in mind the OnePlus phone comes with screen protectors put in.
If you remove it, the phone automatically doesn’t stop working.>> Why would you have something that’s so crucial.
Be so easily removed.
Without a warning.
To be fair, there was a warning.
I think one reviewer got a warning, the other did not.
It was kind of inconsistent how they were addressed.
But yeah, just the fact that this thing’s flickering.
Keep in mind this is a, you know, nearly $2000 phone right?
First impressions are extremely important, too, and this, I would say, is not a very good one for a $2,000 phone that’s supposed to be the first of its kind that’s out there.
So over the weekend, Samsung had reportedly delayed two Do events.
Now today The Wall Street Journal is reporting that they’re actually delaying the launch of the actual phone.
It was April, 26th now we just don’t have a confirm date.
I mean honestly I think it’s better that they delay it than ship out a product that looks like it can break that easily.
Hopefully they address it and fix it by the time it actually ships out.
I don’t know if that means there’s going to be a second round of reviews.
Or something like that for just hopefully improved product.
But, yes, if this came out before these reviewers caught it I think this would of be a serious issue for Samsung.
Yes, the gut reaction I saw around the Internet was the comparison to the Galaxy Note 7.
I don’t think it’s that severe since that phone’s on the market and Samsung is lucky this time this stuff was caught during the review process.
They had a launch.
Hopefully, they can nip this in the bud.



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