Employee Management & Time Card Software



Secure employee permissions

Give different employees/roles different levels of access to your POS and Dashboard.

Built-in timecards

Employees clock in and out at the register. Edit hours anywhere and transfer them to Square Payroll.

Hardworking analytics

View your Employee Sales data to see who’s performing best, and who needs more coaching.

Payments in the field

With Mobile Staff, employees can take payments and issue refunds on your behalf on their own device, free.

Give employees different levels of access.

Passcodes enable you to limit what information your employees can see on your Point of Sale system. Control access to your reports and sensitive information and protect your register and cash drawer.

Have multiple locations?
With Delegated Employee Management, you can allow store managers to add and track employees on their own without sharing full account access.

Track employee time.

Employees clock in and out right at the register, and overtime is calculated automatically and seamlessly integrated with Square Payroll. Hello, worry-free compliance.

Optimize scheduling.
View your Labor vs. Sales report in real time to evaluate where you can save on labor costs, or when you might need to bring on more people.

Everything you need in one spot.

Keep track of your sales, employees, inventory, and customers all right in your Square Dashboard.

Create custom reports

Square’s employee management software allows you to filter reports by employee, device, or location. Download CSV files or get end-of-day summaries in the app.

Track employee sales and cash drawers

See revenue-per-labor-hour reports, find your most efficient employees (and reward them!), and view which employees closed which cash drawers.

Your whole team taking payments and issuing refunds, free. That’s Mobile Staff.

No additional charge

With Mobile Staff, on-the-go employees can accept payments and issue refunds on behalf of a main account, free.

Good for line-busting, too

Send staff with Square Reader and a phone or tablet to ring up customers on the other side of the counter.

Pay your employees faster.

Square Payroll is designed for hourly employees. Timecards are integrated, overtime is calculated automatically, and taxes are all taken care of.

Start selling with Square.

Set up your free point-of-sale system in minutes.

Have a lot of employees?

Talk to our sales team about solutions for your team and your growing business.



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