Pixel 3 reviews arrive, Twitter release propaganda archive – Video


This is CNET and here are the stories that mattered this week.
The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL reviews are in and nearly across the board critics are praising the phones for their best in class cameras.
3 XL’s notch is a bit of a sticking point with some, but most reviewers report the size of it does not interfere or distract from operation of the phone.
Call screening seems to be the new favorite new feature which will actually make its way to other Pixel phones as well.
You can read the full review at cnet.com.
One of the oldest names in the mobile industry just rebooted with a brand new device that’s intended to take you away from your mobile phone.
The new Palm looks like a baby iPhone that wants to be your go to device for the gym, the club, or time spent with your family.
The $350 device is a phone for when you don’t really need a full fledged phone experience.
And finally, Twitter is sharing a massive archive of data made up of foreign interference and political conversations.
The goal.
To let independent researchers and the general public understand the magnitude of the propaganda campaign that’s been waves the social network for years.
The data dump includes info on over 3800 accounts from Russia’s I.R.A.
and 770 accounts with possible origins in Iran.
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