Why AR and VR content needs to be searchable


At the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration, Sophia Dominguez, CEO and co-founder, SVRF, Inc., described to TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome how the SVRF platform helps people find AR and VR content.

Sophia Dominguez: It’s really important to have this kind of search engine, because, as we’ve seen with content in the past, with every new media type, there’s always a search engine that ends up dominating the consumer entry point, to allow consumers to easily find a specific type of content.

We’ve seen this before with webpages, with Google, videos with YouTube, images with Pinterest, and gifs with Giphy, and so AR and VR will be no different.

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Right now we’re developing an API, which will be launched very soon, where developers can integrate our API and database of content readily into their applications. This is specifically most interesting to companies that have a camera in their applications, because suddenly, they’re provided with a database of filters and other types of immersive content, including 360-3D content they can readily integrate into their applications, and they don’t have to then go out and create all this AR and VR content. We provide it for them.

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