iPhone XR cases: 3 cheap alternatives to Apple’s $40 clear one



Spiegen’s clear cases are only $14 — why pay more?


The Apple iPhone XR ($750 at Best Buy) goes on sale this Friday. It’s noteworthy not just for being the “cheap” full-screen iPhone model (it starts at $749), but also for coming in your choice of six colors.

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You’ll want a case, of course — a clear case, so you can still enjoy whatever color you chose. (Otherwise, what’s the point?) Rumor has it Apple will sell one — a press release in Apple’s Canada newsroom mentions it specifically — but with a price tag that’s likely around $40. (The release indicates $55 CAD, which converts to about $42 in the US.)

Um, no thanks. As with so many iPhone accessories, there are lots of cheaper options. Here’s a small sampling:

The Speck Presidio Stay Clear for $39.95. Wait, that’s still $40, right? Yes, but newcomers to the Speck website can get 15 percent off their first order (ignore the first pop-up offer screen, which promises 10 percent off, and wait for a second one), which brings you down to $33.96. Also, the Presidio features a raised bezel for screen protection and the promise of drop protection at heights of up to 8 feet.

See it at Speck

The Spiegen Ultra Hybrid for $13.99. Combining a polycarbonate backside with TPU bumpers, Spiegen’s clear case also has raised bezels around the screen and camera.

See it at Amazon

The MoKo iPhone XR clear case for $7.99. Yep, 8 bucks buys you a soft, flexible clear case, one that’s probably less likely to incur scratches than something made of hard plastic. The MoKo also has reinforced corners and raised edges.

See it at Amazon

Once again, these are just a few examples of what you can get for under $40. All three of the cases here should pose no problem with wireless charging, but if you think you’ll be using a Lightning cable at times, consider a case that has a larger port cutout, the better to accommodate certain third-party cables.

And speaking of wireless charging, stay tuned for a roundup of pads and stands that also don’t cost $40 (the minimum you’ll pay in an Apple Store for one).

In the meantime, here’s a look at what you need to know about choosing a wireless charger for your iPhone.

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