Top 5 ways your kid knows you’re a hypocritical driver – Video


Do as I say, not as I do.
It’s long been a crucks of parenting, good or otherwise.
But, when that becomes a maxim used for how you teach your kids how to drive, the stakes are a little higher than for, perhaps, other things.
I’m Brian Cooley, with an interesting top five list of how your teens view your hypocrisy.
When you drive one way,- But tell them to drive another way.
This is a new survey of 2,000 teens and 1,000 parents, conducted by Liberty Mutual through ORC International, that I think will give us some very interesting insights.
The fifth most common reaction teens cite when the point out their parents’ lousy driving is Shut up, I’m paying for your car and insurance.
Nice, that might be true today, but in the future your kids might be paying for your nursing home.
And there’s a lot of variability in that choice, think about it.
[SOUND] The number four hypocrisy kids hear from their parents about driving is I’m in a hurry.
So when you tell them that it can wait, you don’t really show them that you believe that.
This is a dangerous double standard.
Are you really in that much of a hurry?
And do you want them to be?
The number three reaction teens report from their parents about bad driving is nothing.
They were ignored.
This startling example of parenting was cited by about twenty percent of teens, and it does get awards for requiring the least effort.
And for not much else.
The number two reaction teens get from their parents about bad driving is I know what I’m doing.
Mom there’s.
Hold on honey give me a second.
But mom.
I said just a second.
This famous last phrase is associated with many airline crashes, mine collapses, and botched plastic surgeries.
You don’t want to be apart of that crap.
I’m happy to report that the number one response teens tell us they get from their folks is You’re right.
That’s the correct answer.
Because not only is your driving being made better by your kid, you’re making your kids driving better by example.
And by making them a better driver, they’re going to repeat this cycle so you’re already working on your grandchildren’s driving.
Just in time for them, to not have to drive at all.



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