Here i am going to reveal how you can create unlimited rooms in most trending pubg game

Follow these steps :

1. Login with your social media account

Link your account with social media and login play few matches and make some friends from recent matches options.

2.Create Clan

Now you need to create clan which will cost you around 150k BP that you can earn by playing matches, loging and collecting from inventory

3. Invite friends in clan so clan can reach level 2 as they play

After creating clan invite your friends to clan, they join the clan and play along with you to increasing clan XP which increases clans level

4.Complete clan tasks and earn around 300 clan points

as you play in clan and complete clans tasks you recieve clan point ad soon as you collect 300 clan points you can buy room card.

4.Buy room card

Now you have 300+ clan points you can go to shop option by clicking on clan and then shop to buy room card for 300 clan points.

5. use room card and create room…!!!

Now you have room card you can create room for one game so create room and invite your friends to play agains you jn that room

6. Repeat process from completing clan task

now you can complete clan tasks to earn more clan points to purchase room card cost you around 300 clan points.


Happy Gaming

comment below for any queries and corrections


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